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Digital Marketing 2013 at a glance and Future Predictions for SEO

As 2013 slowly approaches the end, we reflect on the past year of changes and challenges that we’ve all faced in the world of SEO and what this could possibly mean for 2014.

Although it graced us late in the year, Hummingbird stirred up some anxiety for webmasters alike. Looking back a whole 4 months, it was seemingly less striking than your Panda or Penguin updates, but it left us all with a strong sentiment: Google really means it, the usability and quality of content on your website won’t go unscathed.

“Encouraging what’s best for users”, Google claims the creation of the Hummingbird algorithm was intended to interpret conversational language rather than just a series of keywords. Making results more accurate and with a strong focus on long-tail keywords, users are able to cruise the web with full-on sentences and Google showcasing the right results. So how does this translate for us in digital marketing? Well if we’ve been doing the necessary all along, staying organized in the nitty gritty and creating original content that is habitually updated – we’re in the clear, sort of…

What Google is subtly saying with recent not provided change

Does Google just dug the end of SEO by not Not Provided providing traffic per keywords in Google Analytics? No, it will probably mean “hurrah” for a 3rd party solution providers like Moz, Wordtracker, SEMRush or Keyword Discovery.

SEO experts had always worked with the search queries within Google Analytics in order to analyze their backlinking efforts. The key was to optimized specific keywords and generate more traffic from the relevant set of keywords by using a content and backlinking strategy to increase rankings. SEO strategies haven’t changed, but Google Analytics did.

It changed in late September when Google rolled out changes toward encrypts search activity. Google now redirects users to an SSL encrypted search. The results: most of the data passed over to Google Analytics before is now encrypted so instead of seeing which keyword brought traffic to your site, most of the traffic will be identified as “not provided” in GA.

How does it affect my website?